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Parking Management and Land Use Regulations

International Seminar Oslo, September 20. 2005

Parking is a key instrument to alleviate Traffic problems in cities. British authorities are in the forefront of establishing viable parking policies. Based on the experiences in Great Britan, Norway and other countries we have focused on measures that can form a sound parking policy.




Opening address

Heidi Sørensen Member of the Norwegian Parliament


Parking Management in Norway today (Paper)
A brief overview of existing parking regulations

Bjørn Sandelien Norwegian Public Roads Administration


Using planning to manage Parking -UK Experiences (Paper)

Maximum Parking standards, Planning Conditions,

Planning Obligations, Local Transport Plans and

Workplace Travel Plans

Tom Rye Napier University, Edinburgh, UK


Workplace Parking Levy - A new UK Instrument? (Paper)


Grant Butterworth Nottingham City Council, UK


Parking Management Programs - US Experiences

Parking Cash-Out and Parking  - Benefit Districts

Jan Usterud Hanssen Institute of Transport Economics,(TØI)


Taxation and Commuting - International Practice (Paper)
Tom Rye Napier University, Edinburgh, UK


Planning and Parking Management in Norway

The Planning and Building Act of today - A viable tool?

Peder Vold Norwegian Ministry of the Environment


Best practice - The Trondheim case

Merete Kvidal the Municipality of Trondheim, Norway


The new Policy Instruments - prospects of adoption

in Norway